Our company believes that rubber is not just plain and simply “rubber” – it is a material that can be used in hundreds and thousands of different products around the world and we have a specialized team working constantly to ensure that only the highest quality raw materials are being used to produce our products. We offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products!

We believe in quality above everything.

We have pride in our products and will always stribe for making things better and smarter. Since we are the real manufacturer we can cut cost an offer a top quality product at a much more cost effective way. 

Our guarantee is simple and easy to remember !
Always 100% satisfaction

Our history

We are a rubber manufactorer - and rubber is all we do! Our roots go back to Denmark & Elsinore - close to Kronborg castle, - The home of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
With almost 20 years in the squeegee rubber business - mainly as an provider for other brands, we decided in 2014 to sell our rubbers under our own name - BlackDiamond.  



We are proud to be a member of the IWCA.

It has been the mission of the IWCA to educate and assist its members in developing professionalism, ethics and standards of safety and to actively represent the concerns and interests of window cleaning companies.
The mission of the IWCA is to educate and assist its members and the window cleaning industry in standards of safety, conduct industry research and provide business operations resources as well as represent the interests of the industry to regulatory agencies.

A word from the CEO

US +1.954.204.0030   EU:+45 53564350   CS@BLACKDIAMONDSQUEEGEE.COM

2018 was fantastic and we managed to grow significantly compared to previous years. Thank you to all our loyal customers for support, critic and all other inputs we received throughout the year.

2019 is going to be our best and most innovative year ever! We have initiated a new project to make our rubber even smarter and better to maintain our position as the leader within rubber production, but more importantly to make production more cost effective to the benefit of our customers. We haven't raised prices for the last 7 years and we plan to stay this way for the security and benefit of our highly valued customers.

Casper B Schjorring

We've built our reputation on excellence in QUALITY & RELIABILITY, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

After decades of gaining experience in the manufacturing of rubber made products, BlackDiamond Squeegee provides a wide variety of production methods and solutions. We are a World-Leading manufacturer of Squeegee Rubber both for our own brand BlackDiamond and as OEM for brand names around the globe.