We are a proud member of organizations within the Window Cleaning Industry

The International Window Cleaning Association was formed by a group of window cleaners in the late 80s in an effort to promote safety and education as well as to enhance professionalism throughout the industry.

Each year, IWCA holds an annual convention and trade show for professionals working in all facets of the window cleaning industry, from high-rise and route/residential window cleaners to those who manufacture goods and services for window cleaning. Additionally, the association offers four regional safety training

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The Window cleaning competition is a quality and speed contest.

The quality is to fully wash the window and the whole window, and then clean it without leaving marks or drops of water in the fastest possible time.

IPWCC's goal is to unify the world of window cleaners to compete not only for yourself but also for your country. By setting up unified rules and regulations we can make it a equal championship for all contesters.