The HydroBox system is the newest on the market, featuring a unique, professional design. With an open architecture, it allows you to easily source replacement filters locally . And with an aluminum frame construction and molded panels, you will avoid rust. Light, easy to carry with a switchable ‘RO/DI’ or ‘RO Only’ function with online TDS meter, the Hydrobox combines everything needed in a very light system.

  • Weight: 20 Kg / 40 pound (empty)
  • Long 40 cm / 16 in.
  • Wide 57 cm / 25 in
  • Height 80 cm/32 in.
  • Membranes 2 x 50 cm /20 in.
  • D/I Filter Regular 25 cm / 10 in.
  • Sediment & Carbon filter: Regular 25 cm / 10 in.
  • Regular components, no proprietary products, easy to maintain
Watch Mark Strange from Beautiful View in Toronto, Canada do a demonstration of the HydroBox

Hydrobox RODI Pure Water Window Cleaning System

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